New Issue of Forma Urbis International – From Epigraphy to Archaeology

The new issue of Forma Urbis International can be accessed here as a PDF: [FVI_Part 1IFVI_Part 2] The journal’s website also allows for a download of the journal. A table of contents for the issue is below:

[Forma Urbis – Summer 2016]
Summary: Leader: “Forma Urbis International – from Epigraphy to Archaeology” by Simona Sanchirico.
The EAGLE Project – Exploring the Digital Frontiers of Epigraphy: “EAGLE: From the Birth of an Idea to the Realization of a Project” by Silvia Orlandi
“EAGLE Online: Part One: EAGLE, Europeana, Wikimedia and Media Partners: Part Two: Media Communication Strategies” by Raffaella Santucci
The Splendour of Sybaris – New Archaic-period Discoveries: “The Splendour of Sybaris” by Pier Giovanni Guzzo; “New Archaic-period Discoveries at Sybaris” by Alessandro D’Alessio, Simone Marino, Adolfo Tosti, Archaeology in Salento
“Roca Vecchia, an Excavation Spanning the Past and the Present” by Giordana Dinielli “Poesia Cave” by Cinzia Mazzotta
“The Bay of Torre dell’Orso” by Cinzia Mazzotta
“Romanelli Cave Resumes Its Telling of Salento’s Ancient History” by Massimo Massussi, Raffaele Sardella, Sonia Tucci.

Many thanks to Simona Sanchirico and Silvia Orlandi for allowing us to post this special issue.

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